“ HY.GEN.IC’s second installation featured a very different piece of art work. Sweet faced photographer, Sarina Saletta, stood smiling with her polaroid camera and asked passer by-ers if they’d like their photograph taken. Right as she snapped photos she would ask strange or uncomfortable questions to her subjects which resulted in very interesting reactions and looking photos. The installation she coined “The Reaction Project” featured ten of these personal weird questions and ten subjects per question resulting in one hundred very different photographs. It was a favorite amongst Agenda attendees and many had wished they had taken up Saletta on a photograph when she initially asked. “
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The Reaction Project x Flexfit x Agenda


A two day art installation during Agenda NY. 10 different questions, 100 different faces. 

1. Do you pee in the shower?

2. How do you feel about abortion? 

3. Was OJ guilty?

4. Would you make out with me?

5. Have you ever had an affair?

6. Do you find your partners sibling more attractive? 

7. Who would you rather have sex with. Oprah or Rosie?

8. Where on your body do you wash first?

9. How often do you masturbate?

10. Have you ever thought about killing yourself?